Yxz skat trak paddles

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Yxz skat trak paddles

yxz skat trak paddles

Some tire casings come to us with Knobbies, some already with a Smooth Buff finish, and some others with large Mud Tread that we have to hand groove off before we can even buff them. Because of this, some tire casing sizes might not be able to be made into Mohawks, or Hawk style because there is no tire tread to work with from the beginning. To look at our Buffing Options, Click Here.

Our narrowest and shortest Sand paddle designed for kids 50cc and 80cc ATVs. Each set of tires are custom made to your order.

yxz skat trak paddles

You choose the tires size you want, the style and quantity paddle you want, any special buffing options and we custom make it to you order. A less aggressive paddle designed for most 80cc and cc ATVs.

Our Classic and most popular paddle, designed for cc and cc ATVs for maximum traction in the dry soft sand. The Extreme Paddle is based on the most popular paddle-the Hauler. This paddle is recommended for use on some sand buggies and small rails. Each set of tires are custom made to your particular racing application.

For an additional charge, we can add 1 to 4 layers of Kevlar into the raw rubber before we vulcanize the paddle of your choice onto the tire to create tremendous strength, rigidity, and durability over the life of your tire.

The Wider Glider is based off the Glider Paddle. As a less aggressive paddle in height, it allows you to add more paddles to the tire based on your horsepower. This paddle is comparable to the Extreme paddle in that it is the same height and depth as our Extreme, but it is 14 in wide.

This will help the paddle cover the whole width of the tire and provide better traction. This paddle is comparable to the Ripper paddle in that it is the same height and depth as our Ripper, but it is 14 in wide.

Skat-Trak releases all liability and shall not be held responsible for damaged occurred by tires supplied to us.

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We do not make tires, we buff tires. We are not responsible for any air pockets or flaws found in customer supplied tires while buffing. The Exciter Paddle. The Glider Paddle.

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The Edge Paddle. The Hauler Paddle. The Extreme Paddle. The Ripper Paddle. The Wider Glider Paddle. The Talon Paddle. Talon 5. The Demon Paddle. Demon 5.There are many variations you can use with each paddles. Our paddles have been used for hill climbing, sand dunes, and even surfing.

Let us help you get the right paddles for your needs. Below are the motorcycle paddles we offer and the uses they can be used for.

If you have special requests, feel free to contact us so that we can help you find the right paddles to use. Our Klaw paddle was designed with kids 50cc and 80cc motorcycles in mind. Call for casing availability. If you have a wide enough tire we can even stagger the paddles. Our manufacturing process allows us unlimited possibilities.

The Viper paddle was styled after the Hooker paddle with similar performance gains, but has reinforced gussets for improved traction and added durability for the higher horsepower Motorcycles.

Our own custom Molded Motorcycle tire with a rubber Mohawk fin down the middle of the tire between the paddles to keep the rear end from becoming squirrely while under acceleration, stop slide out, and for keeping you up off the paddle face when faced with hard patches of dirt. The Dominator is a newer thicker paddle originally designed for Hill-Climb bikes.

yxz skat trak paddles

Although used primarily in hard dirt applications, we still do NOT recommend it for hard surfaces. Swing arm adjustments may be necessary on some motorcycles.

You may have seen this popular paddle on You Tube and in the Movies used in Snow applications, and even Robbie Maddison surfed on a Motorcycle with this paddle.

Sandcraft Ripper Tire Package 32x13x15

Any of our larger Motorcycle paddle tires can be made into the Predator option. The Customer will need to supply us a new knobbie Motorcycle Tire to start with. Although used primarily in hard dirt applications, we do NOT recommend our tires for hard surfaces.

Motorcycle Paddles. The Klaw Paddle. The Hooker Paddle. The Viper Paddle. The Intimidator Paddle. The Dominator Paddle. The Predator Option.Vendor Deals. Forum Information and Help. OR Remember. OldAM Thread Starter. Paddle Tires?

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What paddles are best for stock YXZ? Im lookin to get tires for dune trip next month, friend of mine has set of 26" skat trak 8 paddle but i want to make sure that would be good before buying them and testing them myself to find out theyre to small or what not. Any input appreciated! Check is offline.

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OldPM. Double C. If you are running a stock engine the skats are a great choice. I am running them in a 30" but have the turbo as well. Best paddle IMO lightweight and they grip. Have friend with Turbo as well but running STU's and he was getting stuck trying to get up a hill from the base and could not due to traction.

I flew right up. Double C is offline. If your friend is willing, you could always borrow their tires and give it a spin if they're willing to run on your tires in the meantime.

This will give you a chance to test them out before buying a set. Zporty is offline. OldPM Thread Starter. Originally Posted by Zporty View Post.After trying a slew of tires, we discovered that larger tires have a significant impact on not only performance but user experience. With a smaller tire, the YXZ was more frequently able to power itself along, requiring less shifting and allowing the vehicle to say in the higher RPM with less effort.

I need some advice. What paddles do you recommend? Currently running 27 inch mowhawks in the front and 27 inch sand strippers 8 blades in the rear. All 14 inch rims. Worked ok when stock. No future mods, most St Anns and Little Sahara at feet. Thanks Jeff. Hey guys I have a new X3 with a stage 2 ecu flash on it and I am looking for a full set of paddles for it. What do you recommend and what is your price for them?

My yxz ss is bone stock and will most likely stay that way for a year or so. Yxz manual shift supercharger 6 psi heavy flywheel.

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Little to no jumping, some fair amount of heavy foot and drag racing. What paddles worked out in Glamis?

What do you think will work for a stock one? Been reading a bunch about wider not better, stay close to stock to make the steering work best? Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. February 1, at am. Randall says:.

Sandcraft Destroyer Tire Package 32x13x15 *

May 7, at pm. Levi Thomas says:. July 30, at am.

Yamaha YXZ with paddles on snow. Does it work?

Shane Bishop says:. August 25, at pm. Daryl Kinney says:. June 24, at pm. Dwayne J Prickett says:.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Sidebar Sidebar. Thread starter warlock Start date Sep 28, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 23, 1, 63 50 az. Hey Guys Skat-Trak has been working on this one for a while now and Came up with a new Tire that starts life out as a 4 ply tire. So for Dune riding I don't see the need for a bead lock wheel.

I stopped by Skat-Trak on Thursday and they had a nice looking STI wheel 14" that weighed in at 12 I think so that's not to bad for a good looking wheel. I see the 50 Caliber Bead locks Weigh in pretty damn light to. Last edited: Aug 12, Jan 9, 3, I saw them at the sand show. They look rad. Rusty said:. Jun 26, 16 0 1. Are they going to make them for a 15in rim SGM4Life Member. Oct 29, 15 18 Valencia,Ca. I would be real interested in skat trak paddles. I must of missed them at the show.

Keep the info flowing about them. SGM4Life said:. Rynomx Active Member. Jun 21, 43 34 Wickenburg, AZ.I n any terrain, the proper tire setup makes a huge difference, and sand dunes are no exception. UTV-sized paddle options were limited a few short years ago, but this market has expanded tremendously to the point of having to limit this guide down to our favorite Features: The rear Sand King has 14 1-inch-tall paddles, and the front is a three-rib non-directional tread with segmented outer ribs for increased side bite.

Worth knowing: These are built for the big-boy cc UTVs with a light-weight design for the ultimate performance. Features: The fronts feature dual-staggered knobs to maximize steering response and control, while the rear blades provide extreme power and versatility in the dunes. Worth knowing: The lightweight Sandblast provides maximum flotation and is sized for anything from a to a big-horsepower Maverick X3 Turbo or even the new Wildcat XX. Sizes: Front: Rear Features: Extremely light, straight paddle tires with specially engineered rubber compounds.

Minimal weight allows for super-fast dune climbs without power loss. Worth knowing: The 6-ply HD provides superior puncture protection while only adding 2 pounds a tire.

The Doonz is currently only available in a Contact: www. Features: Extra-wide tires with bias-ply construction and 22—25mm straight paddles on the rears and three 10mm ribs from the center to the outside of the fronts. Worth knowing: The Sand Slingers are relatively light tires despite the extreme width. They have been designed for optimal flotation and balanced grip.

Radial construction with great flotation, traction and turning ability. Worth knowing: The HP model weighs in at The three-rib front is designed to improve steering in the softest sand.

Features: The front Sand tire has two ribs and inner half-paddles for turning traction. Features: The aggressive rears are designed as dual-depth paddles for abundant straight-line traction.If it is outside of our normal business hours M-F, 9am-5pm please Text us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for visiting and shopping at Kombustion Motorsports.

The following are the terms and conditions that constitute our Shipping Policy. If specified otherwise from the customer, Kombustion Motorsport is not liable to refund or replace products if they are missing.

Some products require a lead time, and in those cases we will contact you to specify a unique shipping situation. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders i. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone.

Shipments may take a week or more on top of the estimated delivery time. This is due to the package possibly being held up at a customs checkpoint. Kombustion Motorsports is not responsible for any delays due to customs delays. If you are outside the contiguous United States, you will be responsible for any taxes and duties on any order that you place through Kombustion Motorsports.

Not all items are in stock at our location. If an item is out of stock at our Utah location, the requested item will be shipped from the manufacturer directly. This can result in multiple shipments for one order. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for better use of the website! Available Now! Description Questions? Shipping Policy. If you have any questions about fitment or this product please feel free to contact us. Shipping Policy Thank you for visiting and shopping at Kombustion Motorsports.

International Shipping Policy Shipments may take a week or more on top of the estimated delivery time. Delivery Delays Can Occasionally Occur. Thank you again for your order! If you have question or concerns, please call Ext 3.


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