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Rise of the demon king wiki

This wiki is about the anime and manga series Demon King Daimao. English The young Xiao Lang awakened with a Divine Spirit, but the others believed it to be a useless one. Finally, he had to betray the family and soared up from then on. Trivia This pet and the King Soul can be considered a duo of pets.

It started off a bit iffy, but after we passed the intro, things began to develop nicely, be it the plot, characters, and world building. With the rise of another Demon King, the foul energy that was once banished, permeates from the wilderness.

rise of the demon king wiki

Feist, the third book in his Serpentwar Saga and the eleventh book of his Riftwar cycle. He reincarnated in the Martial Spirit World after dying at the age of Long ago, he and his horde of demons broke through a fissure in the earth and sought out the Triforce. The young man, Xiao Lang, was born with a super power, but was seen as a waste spirit by others. They ravaged all of China until a young Oogway defeated the demons and sealed them away.

You may join our ranks and help spread darkness throughout the land. In essence How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King is a mature, dark fantasy series about one man's thirst for power and ambition to create the ultimate dungeon. A Fake Gorenger Appears Ep.

This gave rise to the many folk tales and legends that painted demons as heartless villains, and historically was one of the main reasons for the revolt against the Dormians.

Although he doesn't have any major roles yet, he does make a few minor appearances throughout some episodes. She was from the Dark Mantle. Etrigan the Demon is a fictional superhero and antihero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

The Mysterious Skull Mansion Ep.

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It was revealed that Ganon was not the boar-like demon introduced in The Legend of Zelda. Age Transformation. Appearance Edit. Read Rise of the Demon King for free. His armies possessed monstrous strength and wrath, and left the East as a wasteland This was before the rise of the first Thane kings.

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He was ridiculed by everyone and some even sent assassins after him, thus forcing him to leave his clan. Feel free to help us by editing our articles. He apparently lived years before the events of The Sabre of Meitor.When the Archduke Belial invaded the lands of the Serpent Queen, Ran Va Daaththe two foes ended the war by copulating on the corpses of their dead. The first born of Belial was branded with a sigil, and the infant immediately expressed the pleasure of pain.

No amount of beatings could tame one who enjoyed physical torture, so Belial exiled Etrigan's mother to Masak Mavdil and told his son that his antics drove her away. Etrigan only lashed out at his father more, and when grown, tricked him into falling in love with an animal spirit using a glamour charm, the punchline revealed with the birth of a goat son. Belial tried to turn Etrigan's new sibling against him, but Lord Scapegoat only harboured unrequited affection for his older brother.

Frustrated, Belial left Hell for several decades, returning with a third son born of a mortal witch, Merlin. The child was bred for one purpose, to sire a wizard with the magical power great enough to subdue Etrigan. Etrigan was originally summoned to Earth to serve Merlin in a desperate final attempt to protect Camelotand his Eternity Bookfrom the evil witch, Morgaine le Fey.

In the chaos of the binding spell, the demon-mortal amalgam slaughtered Jason's wife and children. When the carnage was discovered, the town turned against Jason and Etrigan was inadvertently summoned for the first time, massacring the entire village.

From that day forth, man and beast worked in tandem. Etrigan incited war and strife and in return Jason gained wealth and status. The Demon would only assist providing the commanding Bishop made a deal; he would defeat the enemy in return for the Eternity Book, and he borrowed the Commander's soul so he could not renege. The next day the Franks believed Etrigan had gone back on his word as their forces were slaughtered at the ramparts.

Only when the crusaders forces were sufficiently depleted did Etrigan reveal himself to raise the fallen soldiers from the dead to avenger themselves. Etrigan and Jason continued to pillage for centuries, even delivering the soul of Captain Scumm directly to Lucifer.

At the third battle of Ypres, Etrigan was summoned to defeat the Germans, but he brought his own demonic forces from the Pit that murdered all of Captain Blood's troops as well.

Blood almost went insane when he witnessed the carnage, so Etrigan hastily cast a blanket spell to spare his host's mind, only to erase the memories Blood's entire past.

For over half a century, Jason lived a good life without any knowledge of Etrigan, until he was summoned to the crypt of Merlin and recited the incantation to release the Demon. The sorceress was simply able to stop the Demon by reverting him back to mortal form. She escaped with the required information and Etrigan failed to stop her completing the ritual.

She managed to summon Kafir, the Horned One to battle Etrigan and branded the Demon in order to control him. Etrigan would eventually be reunited with Merlin for the first time since the age of Arthur. An entity known as the Kamara left a trail of death on its journey to Gotham City where it found Jason Blood. The fear-monster delivered its quarry to the witch that summoned it, Ugly Meg, who served the Iron Duke.

Evil followed Etrigan back from the Transylvanian duchy after he fought the ferocious creature known as, "the Howler ". Eric Shiller, the unfortunate soul possessed by the Primal Entity, travelled back to America with Blood in hopes of exorcising it.

The ritual was interrupted, and Etrigan was summoned to fend off the beast with demon-flame, but it fell from Blood's apartment window, killing Shiller.

The troubles of Etrigan had only begun when a disturbing young warlock sought out Jason for protection. The witchboy was not lying about being hunted down by his own people, but Klarion and his familiar had ulterior motives.

When Etrigan saved the boy by using the witch-folk's own hex symbol against them, Klarion quickly revealed his true colours, hoping to make the Demon his servant. Etrigan cleverly played along, embracing his new "master" in a ruse to magically transport the witchboy to another dimension.

Because Kalrion nearly exposed Blood's duel identity during a party, Jason attempted to destroy the Demon inside with the Philosopher's Stone so he could live a normal life.A manga adaptation by Kayaharuka launched online in Julyand an anime television series adaptation by Silver Link premiered on July 4, After years of countless wars and strife, the demon king Anos Voldigoad has reincarnated after looking for peace.

However, his descendants have gotten weak as a result of peace, causing magic to go in serious decline. Seven volumes have been released as of July The manga is published in English by Square Enix. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Japanese light novel series. Square Enix. Retrieved July 1, Anime News Network. Retrieved October 6, Retrieved January 10, Dengeki Bunko in Japanese. Retrieved February 28, Anime News And Facts. Retrieved July 10, Gangan Comics. Akame ga Kill! Silver Link.

rise of the demon king wiki

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. First light novel volume cover.He is shown to be very strong in the field of martial arts, but his gaming skills are lacking. He is mentioned by several people as a handsome man.

Due to his involvement with the S. T and Special Forces, he has numerous battle scars over his body. As a man who honors friendship over items, he is an honest, easy-going, disciplined, persistent, daring, and happy person that has many talents. However, he can be somewhat greedy and he can never seem to earn any money because he lacks the ambition. He hates dishonest people who do not keep their promises. His years of service in S. AT, along with his martial arts training, has taught Xiao Yao to refuse to cower in fear when facing numerous opponent.

He can be quite perverted, thinking lecherous thing, even when knowing Wan Er's mind reading ability which leads to him always getting scolded by her. Once being part of the SWAT team, he left for an unknown reason though it is hinted that he is dismissed from SWAT for threatening command officer with his sword. Xiao Yao also acquires the martial art skill that reaches the Royal Air level prior the story from his master Lin Cheng. Xiao Yao has an excellent physique and is extremely strong.

He is proficient in martial arts and is a rare martial artist who has reached the Royal Air level as a Qi practitioner. He is well versed in swordsmanship and has a sword named Xiao Hei. His skills with a sword allow him to dual wield and execute several high level of technique in consecutive strikes. Other than being proficient in the sword, he's familiar with weaponry such as automatic rifles.

Xiao Yao is also shown as a capable strategist. He is able to choose the right course of action based on his opponent's attack patterns and the environment in which he is in. This has resulted in the several different parties he's been in, especially his own Zhan Long guild, to have successfully defeated many high-level bosses.

His gaming skill is quite limited due to the fact he only started gaming recently. However, as he diversified himself within ''Destiny'' while using his experience obtained through his training and Special Forces years, he becomes a capable player in the game. His experience allows him to be creative in dire situations and efficiently use the environment around him to his advantage, which allows him to be able to defeat many opponents without dying. He has also equipped himself with high tier equipment making him strong both offensively and defensively.

This is due to his high level of charm which increase the drop rate when killing monsters and bosses. This does not consume any energy. This skill has no level.It continues the story of the impending invasion of the Emerald Queen in Novindus which ultimately ends in the Kingdom, preceded by Rise of a Merchant Prince and followed by Shards of a Broken Crown. Set right after Rise of a Merchant Princethe story opens with Rupert Avery and Erik von Darkmoor returning from their second voyage in the southern continent Novindus.

Erik goes off to undertake more training for recruits, and returns to Kitty, who form a relationship. Word reaches that the entire continent of Novindus has fallen, despite their previous efforts to sabotage and delay the movement of the Emerald Queen's army.

Rise of The Demon King Chapter 23+24

Roo similarly returns to his relationship with Sylvia, the beautiful daughter of Jacob Esterbrook. After returning, Erik is poisoned, but the quick thinking of Kitty saved him.

The plan was to sacrifice Krondor and push the invaders to a 'soft' centre.

Etrigan (New Earth)

They would defend the ground, shredding as many enemies as possible. On Nightmare Ridge, a huge fortification was constructed in tandem with the heavily fortified city of Darkmoor, with roads running the length to deliver supplies.

Pug sunders the link, and Macros returns to his human form. Duke James and Roo arrange a deal with the Quegans, which ultimately resulted in the Quegans believing that a treasure fleet would be coming their way. Six hundred ships of the Emerald Queen herald the start of the invasion. Pug is persuaded by Miranda to destroy the fleet, however Pug fails to do so.

The fleet was magically protected and Pug almost died after his own fireball turned on him. It is also revealed that the Emerald Queen was in fact a demon in disguise. He heals in Elvandar for a couple of months. The Kingdom's navy headed by Admiral Nicholas, plus the Keshians and Quegans duped into attacking the fleet ends up destroying a quarter of the fleet, but Nicholas is fatally shot by an arrow.

Krondor's harbour is blown up by the Pantathians, and the palace is soon destroyed resulting in Knight-Marshal William's death. Duke James conducts the defense of Krondor underground with the Mockers, however he stays behind with Gamina as the explosions consume Krondor. Pug discovers a demon that is possessed by the Saaur's last Loremaster, Hanam. Both of them ,Miranda and Macros destroy the rifts that feed the demons into Midkemia and Shila, however Macros sacrifices himself to the demon King Maarg and Hanam dies in the process.

As Krondor falls, Erik heads the defences in the centre. All consumables and goods of value were destroyed to prevent the enemy from gaining advantage. Every town lended support, yet when it was overrun, it was put to the torch.The second season of The Final Rumble takes place a month after Season 1.

In the beginning of Season 2, Sminem walks into the ring for the first time. He retells what happened last season, and that some of the " Boglogical Weapons " left behind by The Bogs need to be "disarmed" by breaking their mental conditioning. However, things start getting strange when Chris Redfield is found unconscious backstage by his Therapist.

Sminem, for unknown reasons, would take a long vacation from the ring. However, the strange events would only continue, as Leon too was attacked, this time live by a a mysterious hooded figure. As Vergil observed the match, next week he would appear into the stage seeking the power this strage being displayed, and this evil would manifest: Nightmare Todd appears, but not to fight Vergil as he is too weak, instead to send his lowest-ranking minion: The Terrible Janny.

As Janny is easily defeated by Vergil, Todd appears behind and grabs him, then dissapears. Meanwhile, Chris' Therapist announces in the ring that Chris, too, has fallen into a coma, and to whoever did this to reveal itself. The transmission is then hijacked by Todd Howard revealing that he is using the demon powers he mysteriously got to perform a " Mind-Link " with Leon and Chris, so he can siphon their minds to sustain his "Nightmare Todd" form so he can reach the Qliphoth 's fruit and gain The Ultimate Power to alter reality.

Todd sends his middle-ranked minion: Fargothbut is defeated by Therapist. Therapist returns, calmed down, and wants to settle things peacefully with this "Todd", but instead a strange figure appears and attacks Therapist; Nelo Angelo.

Richtofen has kidnapped Kyoko Kirigiri 's body and put Samantha Maxis ' soul in it's place for unknown reasons, that appear out of his control. Dante returns to TFR after his vacations since the end of the first season and goes up the stage to party with Vbut they are attacked by Todd's minions.

Fred tries to fight Todd, but is blocked by his minions, who promptly defeat him.

rise of the demon king wiki

V recovers fast and fights against himself to recover the good in the son of Sparda, but winning doesn't work. Sadly, while all this is happening and everyone is busy with Todd's minions, Todd himself went all the way to get the Sin Fruit and used it, reached his final form: Demon King Todd.

Chadbelieving that Adachi could be back to his old self, reveals his true self, Yu Narukami.

The Rise of Ultraman

After winning the Board Tournament, Maximillion Pegasus gained a lot of influence on TFRand Dutch goes to ask him for funds for a team to battle Todd, and most importantly, become rich and famous; But Pegasus had his own plans for that and rejects him, prompting him to listen to his friend Ruber and join Todd Howard. Fred again is defeated by Todd's minions, and as they are about to end him, Goro Majima comes and saves him.

Kyoko Kirigiri is attacked and brutally killed by Tohru Adachi Or her body, that is, as her soul is somewhere safe. Pegasus' plan is revealed: he uses his money to fund the Counter-Todd Strike Force and names his good friend Erwin Smith as the commander.

Yu is defeated by Adachi, which prompts him in his furor of winning to join Todd. After Dante's crushing defeat against Nelo Angelo, moments before the finishing blow, V enters the stage and beats his demon half, and in a self-sacrifice fuses back into him to complete him and restore to his former self: The Alpha and The Omega : Vergil. Upon his return, Vergil reveals the true source of Todd's power: his minions are also Mind-linked to him and give him power, so the Counter-Todd Strike Force make plans of defeating The Order of Todd to leave him vulnerable, and so The Butterflies defeated Dutch and Ruber's links, and so did Fred against Janny.

Meanwhile, Richtofen has recovered Samantha's soul back into the Summoning Keybut while reading the Kronorium notices a change in the pages, damning that it's taking too long to defeat Todd Howard, but reminding himself that his Grand Scheme is still in motion.Welcome to Maou Gakuin Wiki! We currently have 5, edits to articles and images on this wiki. Feel free to help us by editing our articles. This wiki is likely to contain unmarked spoilers from the series! Read at your own risk! Tired of endless conflicts, destroying humans, spirits, and even gods, Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoadwho dreams of a peaceful world has decided to reincarnate.

But 2, years later, what awaited him after his reincarnation are his descendants who get used to peace and became too weak, and magic is in serious decline. Anos enrolls in the Demon King Academythe academy that gathers and educates those who are considered to be the reincarnated Demon King, but it failed to see his power and branded him as the Misfit.

Furthermore, the legendary Demon King became completely different from himself. While being underestimated by everyone, only a young girl Misha who is kind to him as his subordinate, the misfit Demon King runs up the demons' hierarchy!!

Your founding ancestor has returned. An entrance exam was conducted at the modern Demon King Academy, the academy that nurtures the ones who inherited his blood, "Demon Emperors".

The exam content was a "practical test" in which students make duels. What appeared there was Anos, the reincarnated Demon King of Tyranny, who was tired of the rough world 2, years ago.

rise of the demon king wiki

Read more Episode 2: The Witch of Destruction 1 of 7 "If killing me were enough to make me die, I would have perished 2, years ago. Anos has been branded as a "Misfit" despite having a huge amount of magic power as the Founder. He did not care about such unfair treatment, continued to show overwhelming ability, and decided to participate as a leader in the Inter-team exam.

However, the classmate does not admit the mixed-blood Anos, only Misha as his teammate. In addition, the opponent was a team led by Sasha, who despises her real younger sister, Misha, as a "junk doll". The Seven Elder Demon Emperors are seven subordinates that Anos, the founding ancestor, created from his own blood. Emilia implores Anos to act respectfully to Ivis, but without hesitation, he addresses Ivis by the last name only.

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Episode 2: The Witch of Destruction. Episode 3: Sasha's True Intention. The anime has been released.

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