Caterpillar dozer blade types

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Caterpillar dozer blade types

A bulldozer's primarily function, simply put, is clearing ground. However, these machines also come with a wide variety of attachments enabling them to perform a wide variety of tasks.

The most common attachment is a blade. Bulldozer blades push away the objects cleared from the land, including dirt, rock, and sand.

The blade is not only the most common attachment, it is also the most important, and getting the right kind of blade for the job is a key component of your project's success.

Blades are designed to work with different types of ground cover, and you need to understand the characteristics of both the land you're clearing and the blades in order to choose the right one for the job.

The most common blades are the straight, U, SU, and angle. Using the blade specifically designed for your conditions leads to higher productivity, less wear and tear on your equipment, fuel savings, and optimum results.

Sometimes called an S blade, the bulldozer arms attach to the lower back corners of a straight blade, ensuring no angle hence the name "straight". Angle braces help stabilize the blade, and these may include a hydraulic tilt cylinder for purposes of adjustment.

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Operators use the tilt feature to concentrate cutting force and allow the bulldozer to perform operations such as crowning and ditching. The bulldozer's ability to carry materials is limited with the S blade, though skilled operators often use a push trough to enhance carrying capabilities. Where the S blade excels is in working with medium to hard compact materials. This is a rugged blade with substantial weight. Coupled with its straight design, it is ideal for penetrating harder landscapes.

Common applications include:. A U blade has what it sounds like: a U shape. These blades are popular choices for loading and carrying material, since the U shape more securely holds materials, minimizing spillage. If you need to move soil across longer distances, the U blade is the one you want. The U blade also mounts to the bulldozer at the lower back corners of the attachment, with similar stabilizing braces and hydraulic tilt cylinders.

These cylinders improve ground penetration, though the blade is still best for soft to medium soils. When working with more compact surfaces, such as soft rock and hardpan, using a ripper attachment helps improve penetration. Common uses include:.

The semi-U blade, commonly referred to as an SU, lives in the world between the straight and U blades. It also attaches to the bulldozer from the lower back portion of the blade, with stabilizing angle braces using either one or two hydraulic tilt cylinders. As with the S blade, these cylinders allow the blade greater penetration force and increase its versatility.

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SU blades differ from S blades mainly in the curving sides at either end of the blade, which help reduce spillage. The result is improved load and carry capabilities for a broader range of applications, though SU blades have reduced penetration ability.The Caterpillar D7 is a medium track-type tractor manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. The D7 was first manufactured in The C9. Compared to the Caterpillar D7R Series II, the D7E was projected to deliver 25 percent more material moved per gallon of fuel, 10 percent greater productivity and 10 percent lower lifetime operating costs.

It is primarily used to move material short distances or through challenging terrain. The vehicle is powerful, yet small and light 16 to 20 t 18 to 23 short tons depending on configuration.

This makes it ideal for working on very steep slopes, in forests, and for backfilling pipelines safely without risking damage to the pipe.

What Are the Different Types of Bulldozer Blades?

An agricultural version without the blade and rippers is commonly used by farmers. Specially modified D7E's fitted with Rome plows were used to clear forest in the Vietnam war.

Various other blade types are used including landfill U-Blades, woodchip U-blades, and two-way blades for work inside the holds of ships. In the TV movie Killdozer! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

caterpillar dozer blade types

Medium bulldozer. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Two armored D7 bulldozers out on a mission in RamadiIraq.

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Battle Orders Osprey Publishing. Retrieved 16 March Caterpillar Inc. Best Manufacturing Company Holt gas electric tank Holt tractor. Finning WesTrac Williams Adams. Caterpillar, Inc.Any bulldozer needs a proper blade for completing a specific type of job. The blade is probably the most important and most commonly used bulldozer attachment. In fact, the bulldozers originally come with blades. They use the blades for pushing different kinds of materials on the ground.

Because the dozers are used for a variety of different construction and maintenance applications, a variety of dozer blades have been developed. Different soil characteristics, moisture level, temperatures, and compaction are just few of the many factors which determine what type of dozer blade will be used. Using a proper bulldozer attachment for specific job will result in higher productivity, fuel savings, better final results and less wear.

The most commonly used dozer blades which can be found on the market are the following ones: S-blade, SU-blade, U-blade, angle blade, and PAT blade. The name of this bulldozer attachment suggests a straight geometrical S-shaped blade. This blade is attached to the dozer arms at the lower corner of the machine.

It is vertically stabilized by angle braces that can be outfitted by a hydraulic tilt cylinder. The tilt cylinder increases the versatility, making the dozer capable of performing various operations on the ground.

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The S-blade has limited carrying capabilities because of the straight configuration. This bulldozer attachment is most commonly used for medium or hard materials. Typical applications for the S-blade include: stumping, backfilling, shaping, stripping, ditching etc.

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This bulldozer attachment is attached to the bulldozer with a heavy straight push arms. Like the S-blade, the SU-blade is also vertically stabilized by angle braces and hydraulically operated tilt cylinders.

The thing that makes the SU-blade different from the S-blade, is the forward curving side wings which minimize the material spillage. This feature gives the SU-blade increased carrying and material loading capability. Although this bulldozer attachment provides less ground penetration than the S-blade, it has better material carrying capabilities making it a number one choice for a variety of tasks, like backfilling, stripping, leveling and crowning.

Another popular and commonly used bulldozer attachment is the U-blade. The U-blade has great material handling and carrying capabilities, and it provides efficient soil movement. Again, the U-blade is vertically stabilized by angle braces.Click on each image to see a larger version. Caterpillar Model Traxcavator loader, Edgar Browning image. Caterpillar D-8 2U with cable dozer blade. Matt Folsom photo. Caterpillar D-6 9U with hydraulic dozer blade. Bureau of Land Management photo.

Brady Harper photo. Caterpillar D-7G dozer with Jersey spreader. Caterpillar D-8 2U tractor pulling a Caterpillar No. Matt Folsom Photo. Caterpillar D-8 13A pusher-dozer. Mario Torres photo. Caterpillar D-9G tractor and Curtiss-Wright scraper.

Caterpillar DD-9G tractors push-load a Cat scraper. SxS D-9G dozer works on a strip mine reclamation project. Caterpillar D-9 18A dozerPit 7 Quarry. Caterpillar D-9 18A dozer. Caterpillar D-6 9U dozerMike Palma photo. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress.

Classic Dozers Information about classic crawlers and dozers. Search Search. Classic Dozers. Caterpillar G track loader, Lititz, PA.

Caterpillar H track loader, Lititz, PA. Caterpillar B track loader. Caterpillar K track loader. Caterpillar 5-yard track loader. Caterpillar D-3B dozer. Caterpillar D-4 dozer, Lititz, PA. Caterpillar D-6B dozer Caterpillar D-6C dozer.

Caterpillar D-7 with Jersey Spreader. Caterpillar D-8H dozer.Learn something new every day More Info There are several different types of bulldozer blades used on the large earth-moving machines. Classified by letter nomenclature, the bulldozer blades straight blade S-bladeuniversal blade U-blade and combination blade S-U blade are each used for a particular application.

While all three blades are used to push materials, when used for the application intended, the specific blade used on the specific task will perform the best.

Caterpillar (1950-1970)

There is also a blade that is specifically designed to push other heavy equipmentsuch as the Fresno Scraper, and this specially-reinforced blade is called a bull blade. Other bulldozer blades, such as a brush rake and a pivoting straight blade, allow the bulldozer to complete a vast array of earth-moving tasks. A bulldozer is commonly known for two things: the large heavy steel tracks that are used in place of tires and the large steel blade used for pushing earth, rocks and trees into large piles.

The most common type of bulldozer blades are the S-blade, used for the purpose of pushing earth and doing general land clearing. This S-blade is also used for fine finish grading. The long, wide blade makes pushing materials a long distance difficult, however, as the material is able to flow out of the ends of the S-blade.

caterpillar dozer blade types

The U-blade is more adept at pushing materials over a long distance. These bulldozer blades are taller, slightly curved and have large spill plates attached to each end of the blade to keep materials from spilling out over a long push.

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These bulldozer blades are also best for pushing large rocks and small gravel, as the side wings hold the materials in front of the blade. The S-U blade is a combination of both the S and U blades. These types of bulldozer blades are shorter and not as wide as the S-blades and feature smaller side wings than the U-blades.

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When a bulldozer is used for clearing brush, bushes and small trees, the brush blade is used. This style of blade is similar to an S-blade, with short steel rakes or picks welded to the bottom edge. The brush-type bulldozer blades are used to not only brush the shrubbery over, but also to rip the brush out by the roots. Other bulldozer blades are angle blades, which are able to pivot on a center pin to push materials out to one side.

This blade is not able to push as hard as an S-blade due to only attaching at a single point in the center of the blade, as opposed to mounting to both side arms, one on each side of the blade. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.

Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Thank you for helping to improve wiseGEEK! The most common type of bulldozer blades are the S-blade, used for the purpose of pushing earth. View slideshow of images above. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow. Follow wiseGEEK. Did You Know? The hides of 22 cows or, more accurately, steers are used to make the footballs used in the Super Bowl. This Day in History.

You might also Like. What Is a Rake Angle? What Are the Different Bulldozer Parts? What Factors Affect Bulldozer Performance? What does a Bulldozer Operator do? Discuss this Article Post your comments. Please enter the code:. Login username password forgot password? Register username password confirm email.A bulldozer is a tractor equipped with a substantial metal plate known as a blade used to push large quantities of soilsand, rubble, or other such material during construction or conversion work and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device known as a ripper to loosen densely compacted materials.

It is usually a crawler continuous tracked tractor. Bulldozers can be found on a wide range of sites, mines and quarriesmilitary bases, heavy industry factories, engineering projects and farms. The term "bulldozer" correctly refers only to a tractor usually tracked fitted with a dozer blade. Typically, bulldozers are large and powerful tracked heavy equipment.

The tracks give them excellent ground holding capability and mobility through very rough terrain.

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Wide tracks help distribute the bulldozer's weight over a large area decreasing ground pressurethus preventing it from sinking in sandy or muddy ground. Extra wide tracks are known as swamp tracks or LGP low ground pressure tracks. Bulldozers have transmission systems designed to take advantage of the track system and provide excellent tractive force.

Because of these attributes, bulldozers are often used in road buildingconstructionminingforestryland clearinginfrastructure development, and any other projects requiring highly mobile, powerful, and stable earth-moving equipment. Another type of bulldozer is the wheeled bulldozer, which generally has four wheels driven by a 4-wheel-drive system and has a hydraulic, articulated steering system.

The blade is mounted forward of the articulation joint, and is hydraulically actuated. The word "bulldozer" is sometimes used inaccurately for other similar construction vehicles such as a large front loader. The bulldozer blade is a heavy metal plate on the front of the tractor, used to push objects, and shove sandsoil, debrisand sometimes snow. Dozer blades usually come in three varieties:. Blades can be fitted straight across the frame, or at an angle, sometimes using additional 'tilt cylinders' to vary the angle while moving.

The bottom edge of the blade can be sharpened, e. Sometimes a bulldozer is used to push another piece of earth moving equipment known as a " scraper ". The towed Fresno Scraperinvented in by James Porteouswas the first design to enable this to be done economically, removing the soil from the cut and depositing it elsewhere on shallow ground fill.

Many dozer blades have a reinforced center section with this purpose in mind, and are called "bull blades". In military use, dozer blades are fixed on combat engineering vehicles and can optionally be fitted on other vehicles, such as artillery tractors such as the Type 73 or M8 Tractor. Dozer blades can also be mounted on main battle tankswhere it can be used to clear antitank obstacles, mines, and dig improvised shelters.

Combat applications for dozer blades include clearing battlefield obstacles and preparing fire positions. The ripper is the long claw-like device on the back of the bulldozer. Usually, a single shank is preferred for heavy ripping. The ripper shank is fitted with a replaceable tungsten steel alloy tip, referred to as a 'boot'. Ripping rock breaks the ground surface rock or pavement into small rubble easy to handle and transport, which can then be removed so grading can take place.

With agricultural ripping, a farmer breaks up rocky or very hard earth such as podzol hardpanwhich is otherwise unploughable, in order to farm it. For example, much of the best land in the California wine country consists of old lava flows. The grower shatters the lava with heavy bulldozers so surface crops or trees can be planted. Some bulldozers are equipped with a less common rear attachment referred to as a stumpbuster, which is a single spike that protrudes horizontally and can be raised to get it mostly out of the way.

A stumpbuster is used to split a tree stump. A bulldozer with a stumpbuster is used for landclearing operations, and is often equipped with a brush-rake blade. Bulldozers have been further modified over time to evolve into new machines which can work in ways that the original bulldozer cannot.

caterpillar dozer blade types

One example is that loader tractors were created by removing the blade and substituting a large volume bucket and hydraulic arms which can raise and lower the bucket, thus making it useful for scooping up earth and loading it into trucksthese are often known as a Drott, trackscavator or track loader.

Other modifications to the original bulldozer include making it smaller to let it operate in small work areas where movement is limited, such as in mining. Some lightweight form of bulldozer are commonly used in snow removal and as a tool for preparing winter sports areas for ski and snowboard sports.

A very small light bulldozer is sometimes called a "calfdozer". In an angledozer the blade can be pushed forward at one end to make it easier to push material away to the side. Nevertheless, the original earthmoving bulldozers are still irreplaceable as their tasks are concentrated in deforestationearthmoving, ground levelling, and road carving.This site uses and sets "cookies" on your computer to help make this website better by keeping the site reliable and secure, personalizing content and ads, providing social media features, and analyzing how the site is used.

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caterpillar dozer blade types

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